Is it possible that a small child wrote the Torah?
What was really created in the story of creation?
What is the tree of knowledge?
What is the connection between the Tower of Babel and the Twin Towers?
Who is God, according to the Bible?
And what is the connection between emotional intelligence and the Bible?

All the answers to these and many other questions, in a revolutionary book!! Approaching the Bible from a new direction that has not yet been explored - from the writer’s direction. And who is the writer? - This will be revealed during the book.

This is the first and only book that brings logical explanations that are not religious or traditional, which settles with the spiritual world of today, based on a deep understanding of the emotional world, consciousness and subconscious as well as understanding of the ancient world of about 6,000 years ago. which is completely different from the world we live in today.
You will also find that in order to truly understand the Bible, one must know Hebrew at the level of a mother tongue.
And from this deep understanding, one can also understand other phenomena from the ancient world that still have no explanation - such as the construction of the pyramids, how the giant paintings of the Nazca were painted in Peru, the construction of the city of Machu Picchu and many others.
All the knowledge that appears in this book is mediated knowledge obtained following an exciting enlightenment I experienced in May 2012, which opened up to me valuable knowledge from the ancient world. I am happy to share this knowledge with you.